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Board Meeting 17th June 2019


Session 1: 10am – 1pm

1. Welcome and Apologies

2. Declarations of Interest

3. Minutes of Meeting held on 18th March 2019

4. Matters Arising

Decision Papers

5. 2018/19 Draft Annual Report and Accounts
5.1 Draft Annual Report                                                    Martin Earl / Gordon Watson
5.2 Draft Annual Accounts                                                Ronnie Erskine / Eilidh McKerry

6. Proposed Procedure for Determining Major Planning Application
2018/0133/PPP – Land At Pier Road, Ben Lomond Way And Old Luss Road, Known As West Riverside And Woodbank House, Balloch                                                                                                                                                       Ellen Morton / Stuart Mearns

Governance Matters

7. Audit & Risk Committee Terms of Reference             James Stuart / Gordon Watson

Appendix 1 – Revised Audit & Risk Committee Terms of Reference

8. Audit & Risk Committee Member Vacancy                 Ronnie Erskine / Gordon Watson

Organisation Performance and Update Papers

9. CEO Report                                                                         James Stuart / Gordon Watson

Appendix 1: Operation Ironworks Annual Report 2018

10. Annual Operational Plan Reports                                 James Stuart / Gordon Watson
10.1 2018/19 End of Year
10.2 2019/20 Progress

11. Corporate Focus – Equality Mainstreaming and Outcomes Report Corporate Focus Equality Mainstreaming and Outcomes Report 2019                                                               James Stuart / Elaine Wade

Appendix 1 – Equality Mainstreaming and Outcomes Progress Report 2019

Lunch Break: 1pm – 1:30pm

Session 2: 1:30pm – 3:00pm

Confidential Items

12. CONFIDENTIAL: 2019/20 Corporate Risk Register                      Ronnie Erskine / Gordon Watson

13. CONFIDENTIAL: Vacant Asset                                                            Gordon Watson

14. CONFIDENTIAL: Minute of meeting held on 18th March 2019

Coffee Break: 3pm – 3:15pm

Session 3: 3:15pm – close

Delivery and Performance Tracking – Lead Member Martin Earl

15. Delivery Group Update  Martin Earl (Verbal Update)

Audit and Risk – Lead Member Ronnie Erskine

16. Financial Report – End of Year Management Accounts                     Ronnie Erskine / Eilidh McKerry

Appendix 1 – End of Year Management Accounts

17. Audit & Risk Committee Update                                                              Ronnie Erskine (Verbal Update)

Planning and Access – Lead Member Ellen Morton

18. Planning & Access Committee Update                                 Ellen Morton  (Verbal Update)


19. Any Other Business

20. Date of Next Meeting – Monday 23rd September 2019

Please note that the published session times are approximate, the Board meeting may progress faster or slower than expected.

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