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Indicator 13: Community Projects

A review of delivery in the first three years of the plan (2018-21) has been carried out and you can read more in our main findings. This page looks at progress in year 1 of delivery (2018/19) only.

Table shows: 

  • Indicator of success – Number of community-identified projects delivered.
  • Target – Delivery of 3 projects per Community Action Plan by 2023
  • 2018/19 figure – 45 projects
  • Performance – Above target

What does this tell us?

45 community-identified projects were delivered in 2018-19, significantly above our target (there are 20 Community Action Plan areas across the National Park).

31 projects were directly delivered or had a strong delivery role for a community body, and a further 14 were delivered by others in response to community identification and advocacy. Many more are in the pipeline. It is important to note that the projects captured by this indicator would not have been completed without community bodies also ensuring a foundation of good governance and financial management, effective fundraising, and ongoing community capacity building and engagement.

Community identified projects completed and in the pipeline

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This year’s projects deliver across the Outcomes of the Partnership Plan, as do ongoing projects that are beyond the scope of this indicator, such as ongoing removal of Invasive Non-native Species and organising events and festivals. Community-led regeneration is evident in the findings, which include a range of assets being brought into community ownership or control, such as a hydro scheme, a post office, greenspaces and a shop and café. Overall, findings suggest that the communities play a very strong role in both direct delivery and advocacy through their Community Action Plans. The National Park Authority’s continued core funding support to the Community Partnership has been key in this programme delivery.

Please note that this is the first year that information for Community Action Plan projects has been collected and collated in this way. It is anticipated that this will be replicable in future years, nonetheless the methodology will be reviewed and may be revised should improvements be identified.

Case study – Lochgoil

The Lochgoil Community Action Plan provides a strategic vision and sets out the priorities for the development of the Lochgoil community for the next five years. Hear more about the community projects that have been delivered through the CAP:

Contribution to National Outcomes

Progress on this indicator contributes to the following National Outcomes:

Contribution to Sustainable Development Goals

Progress on this indicator contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals:

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