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Indicator 2: Peatland Restoration

A review of delivery in the first three years of the plan (2018-21) has been carried out and you can read more in our main findings. This page looks at progress in year 1 of delivery (2018/19) only.

Table shows: 

  • Indicator of success – Area and condition of restored peatland
  • Target – 2000 hectares of peatland expansion by 2023
  • 2018/19 figure – 166 ha
  • Performance – In line with target

What does this tell us?

Peatland restoration is performing as expected against the target, taking into account projects developed in 2018-19 for delivery in subsequent years. 166 hectares were delivered this year and the five projects currently in the pipeline cover a further 718 hectares.

Peatland restoration projects delivered and in the pipeline

Roll over the icons on the map to read more about the projects.

Three projects were delivered in 2018-19, two on privately-owned land and one on public land. Progress on delivery and development of projects is reflective of the positive working relationships across the programme. In reaching the target there is an assumption of continued, secured funding for peatland restoration and availability of contractors to carry out the work. It is also important to note that the year-on-year nature of the current funding model constrains delivery. For example, the impact of the severe winter weather in 2017-18 on contractors’ ability to deliver in 2018-19 would have been mitigated if contracts could span financial years. Overall, effort is made to minimise the constraints of annual funding and maximise the number and reach of projects, but a multi-year funding model has the potential to increase both the security and amount of delivery.

Peatland is a vital habitat, supporting many unusual plants and insects, and it is also our most important carbon sink and a natural regulator of water flows (as shown in the video below). In October 2018 the National Park Authority hosted the International Union for Conservation of Nature Peatland Conference with delegates coming from all across the UK and beyond to hear about the need to protect and restore peatlands.

Contribution to National Outcomes

Progress on this indicator contributes to the following National Outcomes:

Contribution to Sustainable Development Goals

Progress on this indicator contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals:

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