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Good news – final LIVE Park consultation starts soon!

Well, we are feeling really good this week in the LIVE Park team! Not only is the weather really sunny, we met the deadline to complete and publish no fewer than eleven reports for our Board meeting a week on Monday.

Completing these reports and their submission to the Board is an important milestone for us, and for the Local Development Planning process overall. They set out the draft Proposed Local Development Plan that we are asking the Board to approve for public consultation this coming May and June.

Quick recap – how have we got here and what is our ‘Proposed Plan’?

You might recall that after setting out the ideas and options for the future physical development of the National Park in last year’s LIVE Park Main Issues and Additional Sites Reports, the next stage was for us to review your feedback then prepare and consult on the Plan we were proposing – the ‘Proposed Plan’ if you like – it really does do what it says on the tin! The purpose of the Proposed Plan is to set out the development that is needed for the next 10 years, along with an update of the planning requirements, or to be specific  – the ‘policies’.

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The final stage of consultation ahead

During the final stage of consultation, we will be seeking comments on the Proposed Plan itself, but also on a number of supporting documents that provide more detail on how the Plan’s requirements can be met. These are called either Supplementary Guidance, or Planning Guidance, and there are 8 of these in total for consultation. They provide more detailed support for homeowners, landowners, developers, and architects; from how all types of housing can be delivered, achieving good sustainable design that complements the Park’s character and landscapes, to how planning will work in specific areas of the Park – namely Luss, Callander and the South Buchanan area.

Given the shorter consultation compared to previous rounds, we wanted to ensure that anyone who was interested could get preview of the content, but if you do choose to look at the reports now there are a couple of important things to bear in mind:

  • the documents are not the final version, and as such are not as user friendly as they will be when they have been graphically designed and fully prepared for publishing
  • they are not finally approved by our Board quite yet.

What’s next?

The National Park Authority’s Board will formally consider the reports on Monday 27 April, after which we will finalise the content to be published for the start of the formal consultation period on Monday 18 May. The consultation will run for a total of 6 weeks until Monday 29 June.

We’re also in the final stages of preparing how we are going to engage with communities across the National Park about this phase of consultation, and have started to discuss ideas with some Community Councils for their thoughts. Please email if there is anything in particular that you thought worked (or didn’t work) last time, or if you have any other suggestions of new things to try!

Keep in touch

If you haven’t already, you can find us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter for all the very latest updates.

You can also sign up for our email updates – just email the team at and ask to be added as a subscriber. We’ll be using these updates in the run up to, throughout and beyond the consultation.

If you have any questions or feedback in the meantime, we’d love to hear from you. Don’t hesitate to contact the LIVE Park team.

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