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What is Planning?

There is so much planning in our lives these days:

What’s for dinner this evening?
Where are we going on holiday this summer?
When is our current mortgage up for review?
When do I need to book the next MOT for my car?

This is day to day stuff, important stuff, for us all about planning the details of our life to get the best outcome.

Step back from this and think about where you work, where you live, where you spend your free time with friends or family and why you go there. The reasons you will find are all about what planning is focused on.

Put simply, planning is about creating great places for people (thanks to Craig McLaren, of the Royal Town Planning Institute for putting it so succinctly).

Planning co-ordinates, anticipates and shapes future development to be in the right place, with good access on foot or by car, bus or train, have access to public services such as schools, and that looks good and ‘fits in’.

It is just as important to the day to day stuff. So, that’s why we make sure we see the right houses being provided in the right place for the right people, or where is the best location for a new development that will bring jobs is.

It is better to be thinking ahead.  Planning ahead.

Lots more to follow on this topic, but in the mean time, does that help demystify what Planning is all about?  Drop us a line to let us know.

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