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River Eachaig & Massan Circuit

Grading: moderate.

This route takes you from Benmore Botanic Garden along the banks of the Rivers Massan and Eachaig on woodland paths and the old road.

At a glance

  • Grading: moderate
  • Distance: 3 miles (5 km)
  • Path type: Mostly on even flat ground, but with a short stretch on narrow/ uneven ground
  • Allow: 1 ½ -2 hours

Route description

The route starts from the car park at Benmore Botanic Garden (1). Cross the A815 and follow the old road just past Eckford House (2). Turn to the right, re-cross the main road and follow the track over the River Eachaig using the iron footbridge (3). Turn left and follow the river as far as the junction with the Glen Massan road. Crossing the road diagonally to the left, cross the road bridge and follow the narrow path up the right bank of the River Massan (4). Some of the path is uneven, but passable. After about 500 metres the path curves away from the river and joins a forest road up Glen Massan.

Turn left and follow the forest road for a few metres and then take the first track to the right. The track passes a gate and through a disused gravel pit, continuing through a small mature forest plantation.

On rejoining the Glen Massan road (5), you have the option of a delightful loop down and along the River Eachaig (join the loop by walking down the Eachaig road to the right for 200 metres, the loop is signposted to the left by Scottish Woodlands, Deargacha Walk). Rejoin the Glen Massan road turning right, and after a kilometre cross over the stone bridge over the Massan. Here again turn right and rejoin the track following the River Eachaig. Continue along this river track, passing the old iron bridge (3) and the weir. After a further kilometre you reach a second bridge. Cross it to enter the Benmore Garden car park.

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