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Wild camping

If you prefer the solitude of ‘wild camping’ away from the hustle and bustle, there are plenty of great places to experience a night under the stars and experience the spectacular scenery of the National Park.

Please ensure you camp responsibly and respectfully. Leave nothing but footprints and take nothing back with you but happy memories (and your litter!). We’ve developed some useful guidance to help everyone respect the outdoors and each other here

Wild camping is permitted under the Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2003 as part of the public’s right of responsible access. However, this does not allow car or vehicular access to camp nor does it permit long stays that impact on the local environment.

Access rights (non-motorised) extend to wild camping. Wild camping is lightweight, done in small numbers and only for two or three nights in any one place.

You can camp in this way wherever access rights apply, but help to avoid causing problems for local people and land managers by not camping in enclosed fields of crops or farm animals and by keeping well away from buildings, roads or historic structures.

East Loch Lomond camping byelaws

The East Loch Lomond Camping Byelaws help this cherished area return to being a place that both locals and visitors can enjoy after the loch shore has suffered from misuse and overuse for many years.

What are the byelaws?

The byelaws are camping restrictions that are in place from 1 March to 31 October. They mean that it is an offence to camp in the East Loch Lomond restricted zone at any time of day or night, except if you are using one of the official designated sites at Milarrochy Bay, Cashel and Sallochy.

Download a map of the restricted area.

What do the restrictions apply to?

  • Tents, wigwams, bivouacs at any time
  • Gazebos overnight
  • Tarpaulin shelters overnight
  • Any form of shelter overnight
  • Sleeping in a motor vehicle overnight

(Overnight is classed as 7pm to 7am).

A maximum fine of £500 applies to breaches of the byelaws.

Where can I camp in East Loch Lomond when the restrictions are in place?

You can camp at one of the official sites at Milarrochy Bay, Cashel and Sallochy.


East Loch Lomond is regularly patrolled by both our Rangers and the Police during peak holiday periods and the summer months. Visitors to the area are welcomed and advised of the byelaws and the justifications behind them and encouraged to enjoy the area while acting responsibly and respectfully.
National Park Rangers and the Police are authorised to enforce the byelaws and encourage compliance.

For further information about the Your Park camping byelaws please click here.

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