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Last call for views on how we can transform the National Park into a sustainable, low-carbon destination

There are now just days left to join the conversation on how we can create a better future for Loch Lomond & The Trossachs National Park.

Millions of visitors come to the National Park each year to enjoy and benefit from its natural beauty, rich heritage and recreational opportunities. People feeling connected to nature provides benefits not only for their wellbeing but also encourages them to act in ways that are more likely to benefit the environment.

97% of visitors say being in the National Park improves their wellbeing

But for some groups of people, there are barriers that prevent them from accessing and enjoying everything the National Park has to offer. The visitor profile of those coming here to enjoy the area does not fully reflect the diversity of Scotland’s population and more can be done to support people of all backgrounds to be able to benefit from connecting with nature here.

We also know that the popularity of certain areas in the National Park creates pressures and challenges that can impact on our natural environment and local communities. Demand also currently outstrips supply of fit-for-purpose services and facilities to meet the needs of our visitors.

Transport is also a significant issue. The dominance of car travel for recreational day trips plays a major role in contributing to carbon emissions, but much of the National Park is still only accessible by car.

As we emerge from the pandemic and face the challenges of the climate and nature crises head on, there is great opportunity to transform the National Park into a more sustainable, low carbon destination.

In our Draft National Park Partnership Plan 2024-29, we have set out aims in three areas to help us do this:

We want to hear your thoughts on these proposed aims and what you think needs to happen to help us achieve them. We also want to hear what actions you could take and how we could work together to transform the way people visit the National Park. Whether that’s by helping us to encourage more use of active or public transport, sharing your experiences when visiting the National Park and telling us about any barriers your have faced, or suggesting areas where you think facilities and services could be improved to help limit the impact of your visit on the environment.

Here’s how you can get involved

Click on the links above or visit our Commonplace consultation website to find out more about our aims in each area (you can also answer questions about each theme).

Use our Quick Survey to tell us about your experiences in the National Park or drop a pin on our Interactive Map to tell us about changes you would like to see in specific areas.

Delivery partners can also use our Full Survey to comment on our aims or objectives and let us know how your organisation could contribute to delivery of these aims. Find more information on how you can submit a response to this consultation.

But hurry, the deadline to share your comments is 5pm this coming Wednesday (19th July 2023).

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