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Executive Summary

The National Park Partnership Plan sets out the overarching vision to guide how all those with a role in looking after the National Park will work together over five years to ensure a successful, sustainable future for this iconic place. This Review presents the findings for the first year of the Plan’s delivery, from April 2018 to March 2019.

It compiles new and existing information on the Plan’s Indicators of Success and their targets. The Review aims to bring together the organisations working across the National Park to celebrate successes, reflect on challenges and identify how, together, we continue to make this ambitious Plan a reality.

Please see the Introduction for more information on the Partnership Plan, the Indicators of Success, the purpose of this Review and contribution to the National Performance Framework and Sustainable Development Goals.

Year 1: Indicators of Success

Progress across the Indicators during the first year of the Plan demonstrates the role the National Park plays in putting national policy into practice, particularly in critically important areas such as the climate and nature crises, empowering our communities and changing how we use our land. It also highlights that underpinning all delivery is a significant pipeline of work in development and a deep commitment to partnership working.

In reviewing 2018-19 it was found that:

Two of the Indicators of Success were performing in line with target, with progress as expected for peatland restoration and outdoor learning.

Four Indicators were found to be performing above target, highlighting current strengths in affordable housing, volunteering, the visitor economy and community-identified projects.

Another four Indicators are not due to report this year, those covering public and active travel, active recreation, visitor experience, and skills development.

Lastly, four Indicators were found to be performing below target, highlighting that challenges remain in woodland creation, designated site features, water body condition and sustainable places.

Explore each indicator using the side menu to find out more about the progress against the target, as well as other key findings and supporting information.

What next?

The progress in the first year shows both what can be achieved and where organisations may need to focus efforts next. Based on the findings of 2018-19 there are strengths to build on and challenges remaining, the latter presenting a call to action for the delivery partners across the Park. The National Park Authority will convene the delivery partners in autumn 2019 to address our calls to action. More information can be found in ‘What Next’.

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