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Indicator 11: New Homes

A review of delivery in the first three years of the plan (2018-21) has been carried out and you can read more in our main findings. This page looks at progress in year 1 of delivery (2018/19) only.

Table shows: 

  • Indicator of success – Number of new homes built and proportion of affordable homes.
  • Target – 375 homes over the Plan period with a minimum of 25% being affordable.
  • 2018/19 figure – 79% of 33 homes
  • Performance – Above target

What does this tell us?

79% of the 33 homes built in the National Park this year were affordable, significantly above our target. A further 147 affordable homes are in the pipeline. These are shown on the map below.

Roll over the icons on the map to find out more.

The strong delivery reflects historical strong partnership working with local housing providers and an increase in available Scottish Government funding to ensure we are meeting the housing need in the National Park. It also demonstrates that where the National Park Authority has influence (through the local development plan strategy and delivery) real impact has been seen, while the number of homes built overall (33) shows that progress is more measured when subject to the market alone. The five year 375 homes target remains ambitious, but it clearly signals what the National Park Authority would like to see in order to meet identified housing needs in the National Park and enable more people, especially younger and working age households, to access a home.

This impact of new affordable housing development in rural communities is clearly evidenced through the recent housing development in Succoth, near Arrochar, where the 26 new homes are occupied by a mix of local people and those living in the wider area. The development provides for a combination of house types and sizes with some of the larger properties being occupied by families that have experienced overcrowding and others by smaller sized households and elderly people that have needed level access.

Please note that the findings for this indicator relate to the calendar year 2018.

Case study

In March 2018, a proposal was approved to create 20 new affordable homes in the village of Balmaha. The development by Rural Stirling Housing Association aims to address the demand for more affordable housing options in the area. It will be made up of 12 houses and eight flats and will include a combination of homes for rent, shared equity ownership and properties specifically to be rented to local workers. There will also be two plots available for self-build homes on the site.

In this video, Rural Stirling Housing Association Chief Executive Donna Birrell explains why rural communities like Balmaha need affordable homes and how schemes like those being delivered throughout the National Park can have a big impact.

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