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Balloch Charrette Update – February 2019

Progress continues with the key projects and actions from the Balloch Charrette. Read our latest update below.

Village Square


The aim of the Village Square project – which covers the area at the entrance to the Moss O’ Balloch up to the area in front of the Day-Today Express shop – is to create a more attractive, people-friendly community space. Pavements in the surrounding area (at the park entrance and up to Balloch Bridge) will also be improved. The design was agreed last year by West Dunbartonshire Council following consultation with the public and local business.

The Council has now appointed a contractor for the work around the Village Square and that part of Balloch Road. Work has now begun, which will deliver:

  • A new village square on Balloch Road beside Moss O’ Balloch Park.
  • Creation of wider sections of paving in areas along Balloch Road.
  • An ample carriageway giving priority to pedestrians and cyclists while ensuring a steady flow of traffic.
  • The introduction of eight formal parking spaces; three in front of the Day-Today Express and five in front of the other shops.

Work, which began around the Village Square on 21st January, will be in place for 22 weeks and is expected to end in June. This will involve road closures and disruption in the area.


The improved village square

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Park entrance

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Moss O’ Balloch Parking


West Dunbartonshire Council has almost finished improvements to the parking provision at Moss O’ Balloch allowing locals and visitors better access when visiting Balloch Castle Country Park. The improvements made include upgrading the parking facilities and increasing the number of spaces available. The works created 40 additional parking spaces and more efficient use has also been made of the existing coach parking area. It’s estimated that this will increase the capacity of this area by a further 15 spaces.

If you have any questions about the works please contact West Dunbartonshire Council’s Regeneration Team by email at

If you have any questions about the LIVE in Balloch charrette and its delivery, you can email us at


Aerial view of carriageway and crossings

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Formalised parking bays and widened pavement

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