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Motorhomes and campervans in the National Park

Camping Management Byelaws cover popular lochshore areas of the National Park from 1st March to 30th September every year.

During this time if you want to camp in these Camping Management Zones, you will need to book a permit or stay at a campsite. Camping permit areas are now open and can be booked up to four weeks in advance.


Travelling and staying in a motorhome or campervan is one of the most flexible ways to get about and enjoy the National Park, allowing you to explore and stay in different places.

Our popular visitor site, Tarbet, Loch Lomond, remains under construction while improvement works continue.
Limited facilities are currently available, however with no waste disposal facilities and very limited parking, the site is not suitable for motorhomes and campervans at this time.

Whether you are an experienced motorhome user or hiring a vehicle for the first time we’ve put together some tips to help you plan and have a great visit to the National Park.


Do’s & Don’ts


  • Plan ahead, popular places are likely to get busy especially at weekends and holidays, so it’s best to book in advance where you can.
  • Use designated campsites and permit areas in the National Park wherever possible– this helps protect the environment and supports local business too. You can see a map of these locations below.
  • Always use proper facilities to dispose of chemical waste and litter. If there aren’t facilities where you are, hold on to your waste and rubbish until you find a suitable point.
  • Support local businesses – many businesses in the National Park have been closed for a large portion of the year. You can help small and local businesses get back on their feet by using campsites, visiting local cafés, restaurants and shops.
  • Park your vehicle responsibly at all times – never block gates, access routes or other vehicles.
  • It’s great to take in all the sights when moving around the National Park, but be aware if traffic is starting to build up behind you. Be prepared to pull over in laybys or passing places to let other vehicles go on their journeys, then continue to enjoy yours.


  • Never park overnight in passing places – these are a crucial part of the single track road network in the National Park and required to allow the free flow of traffic.
  • Don’t use laybys for extended stays – these are essential parts of the road network allowing drivers to take a break on journeys and for short overnight rest stops only.



Where to stay

Motorhome and campervan permits

Between the 1st March and 30th September, seasonal Camping Management Zones are in place in certain areas of the National Park.  Within these Zones there are motorhome permit areas at Firkin Point and Inveruglas on the west side of Loch Lomond and the Three Lochs Forest Drive in the Trossachs, north of Aberfoyle, where you can stay overnight if you purchase a permit

Permits can be booked online up to four weeks in advance and cost £4.20 per motorhome/campervan per night, plus a £3.10 vehicle access charge if you stay at Three Lochs Forest Drive. You can stay at the same permit area for up to three nights.

Unfortunately these permit areas are not suitable for caravans due to size limitation, ground conditions and in some cases the tight turning areas, but there are many campsites in the National Park which cater for this setup.

From 1 April to 31 October, Forestry and Land Scotland have introduced Stay the Night, allowing motorhomes and campervans that are self-contained and have their own toilet facilities to be able to pay to stay overnight at some of their car parks.  For more information on these locations visit the Stay the Night Forestry and Land Scotland website.

Understanding the map: The blue circles represent campsites and the orange markers highlight camping permit areas. Green circles are Forestry & Land Scotland Stay the Night areas.

Campsites and Facilities

There are a number of campsites across the National Park offering pitches and full facilities for motorhomes and campervans. Campsites benefit from having lots of space to relax in and are situated in some of the best locations the National Park has to offer.

While motorhomes and campervans offer the freedom to move around for a few days, you will need to take on water, dispose of waste, recharge batteries or just enjoy the benefits of an electrical hook-up!

You should plan your trip to ensure you are not caught out as irresponsible disposal of waste causes both environmental problems and issues for facilities like public toilets. Please remember, the irresponsible disposal of the contents of chemical toilets in the countryside is a criminal act.


Motorhome disposal point for chemical waste at Tarbet

Waste disposal facilities at Tarbet, Loch Lomond are currently unavailable due to ongoing construction at the site. The following campsites also offer these facilities for a small charge; Trossachs Holiday Park, Loch Lomond Holiday Park and Pine Trees Leisure Park. You should always check with them for availability of services and costs.

The use of eco-friendly chemical products helps greatly in the disposal of chemical toilet waste. Please remember, the irresponsible disposal of the contents of a chemical toilet in the countryside is a criminal act and carries a maximum fine of £40,000.


Not every location you visit in the National Park will have a bin to put your litter in, so please carry it with you until you find a suitable place. Zero Waste Scotland have provided a search to help you find the nearest recycling bins from where you are, not just in the National Park.

If bins are full when you arrive, don’t leave them next to the bin even if others have. Respect your Park and please dispose of litter responsibly.

Please be aware that ticks (which can carry Lyme disease) are present in the National Park, especially during the Spring and Summer months. Read up on tick safety and precautions before your visit.

To find out more, view our camping and motorhome FAQs.

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