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You Said, We Did

We are committed to listening to feedback on camping in the National Park, and using this feedback to make improvements where we can.

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A wide range of feedback was gathered throughout the 2017 season, and over the winter, that has been used to inform key changes being made for season two.

This page provides an outline of what these changes are.  We will continue to keep this page updated with changes that happen over the course of the season.

Key Changes


Additional  signage  is being installed at key locations in the Camping Management Zones where people told us they were needed to make the permit areas clearer.

A small number of land owners were unwilling to grant permission for signage and therefore we will aim to increase awareness in these areas using our Rangers and communications channels.


Based on feedback from visitors, and our own monitoring of the campsite at Loch Chon, 19 pitches  have now been upgraded to a more robust all-weather surface, with four pitches having camping platforms constructed.

The all-weather pitches are permeable to allow vegetation to grow through them to reduce the visual impact on the landscape

Satellite broadband has also been installed to allow customers to pay online for camping firewood or to make a booking when they are on site. This will also be available at the new Loch Achray campsite which will be opening before the summer.

Following issues with the water facilities last season, improvements have been made and potable water is now available on site.

Permit areas

Prior to the season starting, Rangers inspected all permit areas and undertook light touch maintenance tasks. During the season, Rangers will undertake monthly inspections to remove litter and manage vegetation where appropriate, with our Land Operations Team carrying out more specialist improvement works.

Visitors told us they wanted 24 hours access to toilets at Firkin Point on West Loch Lomond. From the start of the new season the disabled user toilet facilities there will be open 24 hours, to improve the visitor experience and help with the sustainability of this permit area.


Litter is an ongoing issue within the National Park and something we are determined to tackle. We have made some changes to help address this which are outlined under the  Staffing and Communications sections below.

A working group has also been set up to find solutions to help tackle the ongoing problems of human waste at some popular wild camping locations in the National Park. The group’s objective is to trial a variety of solutions to tackle this and will look to work with partners to assess the effectiveness of the methods used.


Learning from the first season we have employed an additional Seasonal Ranger Team Leader. This is a key role to manage and support the Rangers whilst on patrol and deploy them to where they are most needed.

Using data from last season, we’ve refined the way our Rangers are deployed to focus on the times they are needed most. This allows flexibility for our Rangers to engage in other areas of work such as community engagement, education visits and Loch Lomond island patrols during the season.

Six new campsite wardens have been recruited and trained to provide cover for Loch Chon campsite and the new Loch Achray campsite.


This ‘You said, we did’ webpage was prepared for the start of the season to highlight the key changes that were undertaken from the feedback received over the season.  This will be updated throughout the season as we respond to feedback or make adjustments.

We’ve also created a new ‘What you need to know before you go’ webpage providing helpful information and handy videos about  why we have byelaws, where you can camp, what permit areas are and campsites in the Park.

Images of permit areas have been added to the Google maps alongside descriptions of each area and site maps added to the Loch Chon campsite booking system.

Important messages about litter, firelighting and toileting have been added to camping permits.

Our communications team are also working with key partner organisations to provide accurate up to date information and communication materials to ensure that messages about camping are consistent.

Changes to the website and booking system to provide more information and improve the experience for those booking to camp.

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Upcoming Changes

Loch Achray Campsite

Following the success of the new Loch Chon campsite in 2017, we have begun construction of a new, similar low-cost campsite at Loch Achray.

The new campsite will include 17 pitches, toilets and parking and is due to open this summer.

Tarbet carpark improvements

Tarbet carpark is being resurfaced in early  March to improve visitor experience at this popular spot.

New permit areas

We are committed to providing more camping options for our visitors where we can and feedback has shown this is something campers are also keen to see.

Over the winter, survey work identified potential new permit areas across all four Camping Management Zones. We are now liaising with land owners and local communities regarding these proposals and hope to bring an additional 20 additional camping spaces on stream before the peak Summer season.

These sites will give extra flexibility to vary capacity depending on levels of demand and ground conditions at sites.


We will be making minor adjustments to roadside Camping Management Zone threshold signs to make clear that camping in these Zones is by permit only between 1st March and 30th September.

At key locations, such as along the West Highland Way, we are also looking to install some bespoke signage to help convey key byelaw messages around issues such as fires and toileting.

Booking permits

Along with the satellite broadband at our campsites, we are working with partners and private businesses to identify ‘booking stations’ that will allow campers to use local business WiFi spots to book a permit.  A map of all public WiFi hotspots is already available on our website here.

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