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Camping Feedback

Feedback from visitors is really important to us and is used to help improve the camping  experience in the National Park wherever possible.

Each camping season we gather feedback from a range of people including visitors, landowners, businesses, communities and staff.

Everyone who has camped in a camping permit area or at one of the low cost campsites receives an invitation to complete a short survey to rate their experience and to provide any ideas for improvements. Here is a summary of the feedback we received in 2018:

Camping permit area feedback 2018

Loch Chon campsite feedback 2018

2017 feedback

Feedback from the 2017 season can be found here:

How we use feedback

Our online surveys proactively ask campers for feedback on anything that could improve their camping experience. This is a valuable source of feedback and is used to inform changes we make throughout the camping season.  The documents below contain responses to this question in our camping permit area feedback survey:

Our You Said, We Did page provides an outline of the changes we have made and continue to make based on the feedback we gather.


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