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Board Elections 2018

Make a difference to your National Park!

This summer, elections will be taking place to elect five members to the National Park Authority Board.

You can get involved by standing as a candidate or casting your vote to help decide who makes the important decisions here in the Park. Find out more about our Board members and the role of the Board here. We’ll also keep this page updated with more information about the election process and hints and tips for those thinking of nominating themselves as a candidate. In the meantime, here’s what you need to know about the Board elections.

Who can vote in the elections?

Voting is open to anyone living in the National Park who is over 16 years old and is registered to vote.

You can check if you are currently registered to vote by contacting your local Electoral Registration Office. If you are not currently registered to vote they can provide an application form which you will need to sign and return to your relevant Electoral Registration Officer by 8th June.

Who can stand for election?

You need to be 21 or older to stand as a candidate. You don’t necessarily have to live in the National Park area but you must have the support of 10 people who do in order to be nominated.

What happens when?

  • 9th April – All households in the National Park will receive a letter and leaflet with information about the election process on or around this date. The election process will formally begin when a notice of election is published here.
  • 19th April – Drop-in to our Balloch Headquarters between 4:30-7pm to ask us any questions about the elections or if you would like any advice or support in putting together a nomination.
  • 23rd April – A second opportunity to find out more about these elections. Pop in to our office in Balloch between 2:30-4:30pm and we’ll be happy to answer all your questions.
  • 10th May – From this time you can download a nomination pack to stand as a candidate.
  • 31st May – Nominations close for those standing in this election. Make sure you have returned your nomination pack to the correct address by 4pm.
  • 8th June – If you want to vote you must be registered by this date. To check you are registered or change your details on the electoral register, contact your local Electoral Registration Office.
  • 14th June – If there is more than one candidate in your ward you will receive a ballot paper and the nomination statements of each of the candidates to help you decide who to vote for.
  • 5th  July – Election Day – Make sure return your ballot paper by post using the pre-paid envelope provided. All ballot papers must be returned by 4pm for your vote to be counted.

For more information on the National Park Authority Board Elections, please contact

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