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Farm tour at Lennox of Lomond


What is Agritourism?

Agricultural Tourism, or Agritourism is recognised worldwide where tourism services co-exist within an operational farm setting.

While there is no overarching definition as it varies throughout the world, in Scotland the definition of Agritourism is “Tourism or leisure on a working farm, croft or estate which produces food.”

Businesses undertaking Agritourism activities are seen to be a valuable contributor to the rural economy. Although Agritourism is a relatively new term, tourism and food businesses have been operating on farms, crofts and estates for many years.

Lennox of Lomond farm tour large spotlight Agritourism in Scotland

Agritourism in Scotland

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Agritourism case studies

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Why consider agritourism

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Portnellan farm bell tent small spotlight What to consider

What to consider

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