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Purple Tuesday – Supporting Inclusive Tourism

Purple Tuesday is an national call for businesses to be disability-friendly, aimed at catalysing changes in the way business owners recognise the values and needs of their disabled customers. It is a change programme for organisations of all sizes from all sectors to get involved in, with the common goal of improving the customer experience for disabled people.

Purple Tuesday note that “the spending power of disabled people and their families is worth a staggering £274 billion and is estimated to be rising by 14% per year, yet less than 10% of organisations have a targeted plan to access the disability market. This is not only a huge frustration for disabled people, but is also a huge missed opportunity for organisations who could be benefiting both socially and commercially by accessing the disability market”.

There are seven customer service e-tutorial resources produced by Purple the organisation behind Purple Tuesday.

  1. A brief introduction and a short quiz
  2. Why disability should matter to your business
  3. Top tips for disabilities language and etiquette
  4. Top tips for front line staff
  5. Top tips to support your teams working in office services
  6. Top tips to make your website more accessible
  7. Key takeaways

To join over 2000 other businesses in making a commitment to improve customer experiences for disabled people, you can register for free and only need to make a minimum of one commitment to improve the accessibility of your business. This could include creating an Accessibility Guide, or committing to improve your welcome for disabled people. Purple Tuesday offers free guidance, tips and training resources to help you be more inclusive through simple, low or no cost changes.

For full information on how to get involved and to gain support towards accessibility improvements within your business, check out Purple Tuesday.

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