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Outcomes & Priorities at a glance

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Outcome 1: Natural Capital 

The Park’s natural resources are enhanced for future generations: important habitats are restored and better connected on a landscape scale.

Outcome 2: Landscape Qualities

The Park’s special landscape qualities and sense of place are conserved and enhanced with more opportunities to enjoy and experience them.

Outcome 3: Climate Change 

The natural environment of the Park is better managed to help mitigate and address the impacts of climate change.

Outcome 4: Land Partnerships

New landscape-scale partnerships deliver better integrated management of the land and water environment, providing multiple benefits for nature and people.

Outcome 5: Recreation opportunities

The National Park has a wide variety of well promoted and managed outdoor recreation opportunities providing for a range of abilities and interests.

Outcome 6: Water Recreation 

There are more opportunities to enjoy water-based recreation and sporting activities across the Park’s lochs, rivers and coasts while maximising safety for all users and protecting the quality of water environments.

Outcome 7: Visitor economy

The Park’s visitor economy is thriving with more businesses and organisations working together to create a world-class destination.

Outcome 8: Visitor management 

The most popular parts of the National Park which experience pressures are managed to ensure that the quality of environment, visitor experience and community life are protected and enhanced.

Outcome 9: Health and learning 

People from a wider range of backgrounds are enjoying, valuing and helping manage the National Park. It is used more as a place for people to realise the personal health and wellbeing benefits of connecting with nature and being active in the outdoors.

Outcome 10: Placemaking 

The National Park’s towns, villages and countryside are enhanced with investment in the built and historic environment, public spaces and infrastructure.

Outcome 11: Sustainable growth 

The rural economy has been strengthened through sustainable business growth and diversification.

Outcome 12: Sustainable population

Population decline is being addressed by attracting and retaining more skilled working age and young people within the National Park and the development of a better range of housing options.

Outcome 13: Community Empowerment

The Park’s communities are supported to influence and deliver actions that improve their quality of life and place.

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