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What you need to know before you go

Planning a camping trip to the National Park this summer? Here’s what you need to know before you go….

Where can I camp?

This short video explains all the camping options available:

Why we have Management Zones

  • The Camping Management Zones were created by byelaws introduced in March 2017.
  • They help protect some of the area’s most popular lochshores from environmental damage caused by the high volume of visitors and issues with antisocial behaviour from some campers going back a number of years.

If you want to find out more about why we have them, watch this video:

Permit areas

  • Permit areas are natural stretches of land close to some of the Park’s most beautiful lochs.
  • They have great views but don’t have set pitches or any facilities so please bring what you need and remember to take everything away with you.
  • Between March and September you need to book a permit to stay in these areas.
  • You don’t need a permit between October and February.

Find out more here:

Stay safe and camp responsibly

The National Park is a special place and we can all help to look after it. There are a few things you can do when you are camping to make sure you have as little impact as possible and still have a great time:

  • Always follow the Outdoor Access Code.
  • Please be aware that ticks (which can carry Lyme disease) are present in the National Park, especially during the Spring and Summer months. Read up on tick safety and precautions before your visit.
  • Take your litter home with you, including used toilet paper and sanitary items.
  • If you need the toilet and there isn’t one nearby, make sure you  go at least 30 metres away from open water, people or buildings.
  • Bury your waste and replace the turf or bring resealable bags or containers and take your waste away with you.
  • Check our handy map of Last Chance Loo Stops around the National Park to see where your nearest toilets are.
  • If you’re planning a campfire, bring firewood and a firepit or similar with you. Cutting trees or moving dead wood damages the environment and wildlife.

Here’s one of our rangers telling you more about how to camp responsibly:


  • If you prefer some basic home comforts like toilets and running water, there are low-cost informal campsites at Loch Chon, Loch Achray, Loch Lubnaig and Sallochy on East Loch Lomond.
  • Or if you fancy something a bit even more luxurious, there’s a great range of private campsites throughout the National Park too.

Most importanly, have a great time!

Planning a trip to the National Park?

You can now download a quick guide to the byelaws in German, Spanish, French or Polish.


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