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Covid-19/Coronavirus information for communities

July 29, 2021

The Covid-19 crisis has had a significant impact on communities in the National Park  – both in relation to health, well-being and the economy. Community groups and volunteers have responded magnificently to those in most need in their local areas and the National Park Authority is working hard to ensure support and guidance is coordinated effectively.

Please check our Covid-19/Coronavirus digital advice hub for up-to-date support and advice on:

  • Planning and Access Services
  • Advice for Visitors (including information on the status of key visitor sites and facilities)
  • Duncan Mills Memorial Slipway
  • National Park Authority Board & Committee Meetings
  • Information for Businesses
  • Advice for Land Managers
  • Camping in the National Park

Support for National Park communities

Managing visitor pressures

The National Park has been working closely with key partners, including Police Scotland, Transport Scotland, Forestry and Land Scotland, and the four local authorities within the National Park,  throughout the pandemic to co-ordinate responses to the continued changes in restrictions and protection measures.

Following the pressures experienced across the National Park in 2020 due to the surge in visitor numbers when lockdown restrictions lifted, the partners have been working together to develop a coordinated approach for the 2021 visitor season. This is set out in the Joint Response Visitor Management Plan.

Email updates on this work are being issued to Community Councils and Community Development Trusts within the National Park at key milestones, along with a monthly newsletter update. Virtual briefings are also being held with key stakeholder groups throughout the season to keep communities updated and to provide opportunities to feed into our longer term visitor management planning. Notes of the most recent meetings can be found below.

January 2021 place-based meetings:

March 2021 pre-season stakeholder briefing:

July 2021 mid-season stakeholder briefing:

Who to contact about visitor pressures in the National Park?

Communities and stakeholders can provide information on visitor pressures being experienced across the National Park by emailing

The information you provide will be used by the National Park Authority and its partners to plan and adapt our response to visitor management throughout the season, so please be specific about where and what the pressure is so we can adapt appropriately.

Please note that the feedback inbox should not be used to report emergencies or to lodge a complaint.

Details of how to report specific activities or make complaints are provided below:

  • Criminal, antisocial or dangerous behaviour – Police Scotland 101 or in an emergency dial 999 – when a life is in danger, a crime is in progress or a suspect is nearby. Please do report these behaviours and incidents to Police Scotland so that they can be recorded.
  • Litter and flytipping – Litter and flytipping on public land should be reported to the relevant Local Authority using the following links:

If you are not sure if the area is local authority land please report flytipping to Dumb Dumpers.

  • Irresponsible or dangerous parking – This should be reported to the relevant local authority or if the parking is dangerous and causing an obstruction to Police Scotland on 101.
  • Irresponsible camping/toileting and access issues – National Park Authority 01389 722600 or
  • Dangerous or wild fires – Scottish Fire and Rescue 999

If you wish to make a complaint about the National Park Authority please follow  ‘how to make a complaint’ procedure.

Countryside Trust

From April 2021, the Loch Lomond and The Trossachs Countryside Trust is taking on an increased role that includes improved communications with communities on core topics and closer working with community groups in achieving positive actions to address the climate and biodiversity crises and work towards a green recovery from COVID-19. Read more on the closure and support available to communities from both the Countryside Trust and National Park Authority.

Supporting the tourism sector in our local communities

Tourism businesses are a fundamental part of communities in the National Park. We continue to support both businesses in the Park and the communities who live around them throughout the pandemic so that everyone has confidence to use and enjoy the National Park safely and responsibly. Read more on our Respect Your Park web page. Business owners can also find more advice for businesses.

Handy links

Links to some key advice and support agencies are listed below; each of these has further information, funding updates and resources available to community groups. This page will be updated as new information becomes available.

Councils provide local support and funding, while Third Sector Interfaces (TSI) are local organisations funded by the Scottish Government to provide support to local non-profit community/voluntary-led groups that are activists or service providers – often called the ‘third sector’.

Argyll and Bute area

Stirling area

West Dunbartonshire area

Perth and Kinross area


Funding for the third sector, including support relating to social enterprises, is provided in many forms and by many funders.

For national funding bodies, advice and support, check the Scottish Councils for Volunteer Organisations Coronavirus Third Sector Information Hub.

Check your local Council and Third Sector Interface for local funding, grants and funding support (contact information above).

Other Third Sector Support

  • Scottish Government’s Covid-19 Advice, and the Ready Scotland website coordinate support for local community groups, businesses, shopping, volunteering and helping neighbours.
  • Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations Third Sector Information Hub provides support to third sector groups.
  • Young Scot’s Coronavirus Support provides a whole host of information for young people, especially if they are feeling anxious, worried or want to support others in the community.
  • Scottish Community Development Centre Covid-19 support for community organisations: This is the lead body for community development in Scotland. Visit Communities Channel Scotland for community support and responses to the Crisis. It provides free guidance to help keep connected digitally.
  • Community Councils Information on Covid-19 for Community Councils: provides links to support during the Crisis. The website provides support and promotes Scottish Community Councils through advice, resources and case studies. It provides information on news, events, guidance and grants.
  • Volunteer Scotland Volunteering & Coronavirus is the national centre for volunteering and provides information to help volunteers and voluntary organisations during coronavirus. It includes advice for volunteers, advertises opportunities, advice for organisations, PVG and Disclosure Services.
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